Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Customizing "Oracle Access Manager Operation Error" message

                       This post covers about the steps to customize the standard Oracle messages that are thrown from OAM Webgates. For example, OAM Webgate throws following error message "Oracle Access Manager Operation Error" for a failure of user authorization as shown below. 

                    We can customize these standard messages with the below provided steps.

  • OAM BP07
  • OHS
  • OAM Webgate 11.1.2
  • Login to the server where OHS Webgate is installed
  • Browse to the following directory
    • <Oracle_OAMWebgate>/webgate/ohs/lang/en-us/Webgate.xml
  • Edit the above XML file
  • Find the below tag with name "HTMLpage500" as shown in screenshot.

  • Edit the message to your desired message as shown below.

  • Save the changes
  • Restart the OHS Webserver and access the protected page again.
  • Access the test page and now you can see the customized messages as shown below.
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