Wednesday, March 15, 2017

DCC: 404 NOT FOUND while accesing oamfed resource urls

Receiving the  "404 NOT FOUND" error while accessing the /oam, /oamfed resources or oam based resources through DCC (Detached credential collector) Webgate enabled webserver and shows no error logs on webserver except in access logs as 404.

For ex: http://<DCCHost>:<DCCPORT>/oamfed/idp/metadata

  • OAM
  • OHS
  • OAM Webgate 11.1.2 
  • RHEL 6/OEL 6 


This is due to missing configuration in the webgate. Need to add the list tunneled URLs explicitly that need to be served by DCC Webgate.


  • Login to OAM Console and navigate to the DCC Webagte configuration
  • Add the below URLs as "TunneledUrls" in the webgate user defined parameter section and save the webgate configuration
    • /oam
    • /oamfed

  • Redeploy the newly generated webgate artifacts from <OAMDomain_Home>/output/<webgate>/  to the webgate/config/ folder in the webserver
  • Restart the webserver and try again.  

For more information regarding dcc implementations with federation, Please refer to my earlier posts on the OAM DCC configuration settings.
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