Tuesday, January 3, 2017

OAM Plugin activation failed

Hello friends - Recently while I am working on the OOB plugin configurations in OAM, I came across the following error complaining that the Plugin is in inconsistent state. After some troubleshooting on how to activate this plugin, I found a fix to resolve plugin activation failure issue. You can find the details below:

  • OAM
  • RHEL6/OEL6

  • Login to OAM Console and navigate to Application security -> Authentication Plugins 
  • Select any out of the box plugin
  • scroll down and click on 'Activation status'. You will see the following error message as shown in screenshot
  • Also you will see the same error message reported in AdminServer logs in OAMDomain
<Aug 15, 2016 7:41:27 PM EDT> <Error> <oracle.oam.extensibility.lifecycle> <BEA-000000> <Action failed due to inconsistent status of plugin in different managed servers.>

Cause :

This is due to the improper loading  of the configuration of plugin information from oam-config.xml while starting the server.


All we need to do is just make an update to existing configuration which will load the latest plugin information. Follow the below steps to validate the configuration and to fix it. 
  • Go to <OAMDomain_Home>/config/fmwconfig/
  • Edit oam-config.xml 
  • Search for failed plugin name in oam-config.xml file. In my case, it is 'AdaptiveAuthenticationPlugin'. you will find the below section
  • Now make sure the 'activated' status is 'true'.
  • Update the 'activate' date to some latest date as shown below.
  •  Now increment the oam-config.xml version number by 1 in the below section. This should be in the beginning sections of oam-config.xml
  • Save the file and restart following components in OAM domain
    • AdminServer
  • Once the AdminServer is up and running, Log back into console and click on Activation status of the plugin.
  • It should be now load properly and will show the managed servernames as given below.

For more information related to AdaptiveAuthenticationPlugin in OAM, Please refer to following links.
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